How to Pay with SMART Money

To transfer money to another SMART subscriber, go to the SMART Menu and choose “SMART Money”


Choose “Transfer” and press OK


Choose “Others” and press OK



Enter the recipient’s SMART mobile number or SMART Money Account number and press OK. 
Note: Can’t find “Enter Mobile No.” on your screen? Text UPDATE MONEY to 343 to update your SMART Money Menu


Press OK when “Transfer from?” appears on the screen.



Choose from your list of SMART Money Card Names and press OK



Enter the amount you wish to transfer. Remember to use # instead of a decimal point.
For example, to enter P100.50, type 100#50



When you receive a confirmation request for your transaction, press OK



When prompted, enter your 6-digit  W-PIN and press OK



You will receive a free text message stating that you have successfully completed this transaction