Steelseries Siberia Raw White Headset

  • ₱1,999.00
  • Regular price ₱2,500.00

- Speakers deliver natural sound, crisp details and an expansive soundscape
- Comfortable and lightweight headband and over-ear design
- Breathable, soft-padded ear cups for hours of comfort
- Backup settings with our Cloud Sync feature
- 3.5mm audio connection
- High-quality microphone integrated in the left ear cup along with mute button (Microphone features auto optimization, a Steel Series DSP technology for ideal in-game voice)

Expansive Soundscape

The Siberia RAW produces a detailed and expansive soundscape that accurately reproduces audio the way it's meant to be heard.

High-quality components were selected by the SteelSeries team to ensure that you get a realistic audio experience customized to enhance your gaming performance.

Everything comes together for full-range, natural-sounding audio with crisp details.

Customized Audio

When you are ready to further tweak your sound experience, download the SteelSeries Engine 3 configuration software on your PC or Mac. This powerful application includes equalizer settings for the Siberia RAW to customize the sound to your personal preference.

If you want to hear the finer details in-game, bump up the highs and mids. Looking to add some thump to the soundtrack? Then simply increase the lows. You can also choose among various presets and save specific options for different games and profiles.

Optimized Mic

Built into the left earcup is a low-profile microphone for crisp voice communication. And when it's time to go silent just tap the button on the left earcup to mute the microphone.

The microphone was engineered to deliver detailed and clear audio, highlighted by the SteelSeries Mic Auto-Optimization DSP technology which automatically adjust the levels based on your voice and background noise.

Enduring Comfort

Being the only piece of gear you wear, SteelSeries knows that comfort is essential in a gaming headset. They have designed the Siberia RAW for the long-lasting comfort that has been a hallmark of the Siberia series.

With soft mesh cushioning and an ultra-lightweight design, you just might forget you're wearing it.

RAW Design

A clean, straightforward design helps the Siberia RAW stay lightweight and remarkably comfortable. It features an over-the-ear design, with an adjustable headband, making it easy to get the ideal fit for any head size.

Breathable Cushioning

The soft-padded cloth surfaces on the earcups and headband offer great comfort and reduce tension at key contact points. The mesh surface of the padding is breathable, ensuring your ears stay cool no matter how late you stay up grinding levels or headshotting the competition.