SteelSeries Spectrum 4H Headset

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Key Features of SteelSeries Spectrum 4H Special Edition Gaming Headset (61277)


Pull-out Microphone

Retractable Microphone

The retractable microphone in the left earcup makes this headset perfect for gaming without having the microphone being an annoying device hanging out all the time.
4H Retractable microphone


XL Earcups

The SteelSeries 4H features XL- earcups. Its circumaural design provides added comfort with its thick, cloth ear cushions that surround the ear instead of resting on it.
4H XL Earcup


Volume Regulator

The SteelSeries in-line volume regulator features 3 microphone settings, enabling gamers to adjust their sound on-the-fly.
4H Volume Control

Weight & Size

And the numbers

Headphones Microphone
Freq. response: 16 – 28.000 Hz Freq. response: 75 – 16,000 Hz
Impedance: 40 Ohm Pick up pattern: Unidirectional
SPL@1kHz, 1Vrms: 110 dB Sensitivity: -38 dB
Cable: 1.8 m / 5.9 ft. Impedance: 2K Ohm
Jack: 3.5 mm

System requirements:
Any PC or sound equipment with headphone and microphone mini jacks (3.5 mm).